Me – Denizen of Sweden

 \DEN-uh-zuhn\, noun:

  1. A dweller; an inhabitant.
  2. One that frequents a particular place.
  3. An alien granted certain rights of citizenship.
  4. An animal, plant, etc. that has become naturalized.
  5. Denise Vestin Enterprises

Besides being an inhabitant – temporary as we all are – here you find my  resumé in English.  And I am trying to become a better photographer, some pictures you will find under the menu above, however, most of my pictures, old and new you will find here on my personal picture blog. Some work I have done lately for customers you will find here: photography-customers.

unnamedTo the left, is the book I helped give birth to.

Else – here is my old travelblog and my very occasional diary – including Buddhist Comics.